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With Cizgi Transfer, you can enjoy a quality, fast and safe journey from Istanbul Airport to your desired location. From the newly opened Istanbul Airport (IST), you can benefit from our transfer services to the districts and provinces in the most economical way 24/7.

Our valuable guests with the most economical prices Istanbul Airport transfer, Sabiha Gokcen Airport transfer, a location from Istanbul transfer services by taking advantage of our services, without fear of a good quality, fast and reliable journey. You can transfer from the transfer panel or contact us through our communication channels to take advantage of the transfer services you need for business travel, meetings you need, important events, holidays, concerts and more.

Your valued guests, the priority of our transfer money is not your satisfaction. Our company that departs with this slogan, eliminating the transportation problem at the new airport; offers quality, reliable and affordable prices. Cleaning tools are cleaned before each transfer and our vehicles are regularly maintained. We see you as our guest, not as our customer, our priority is to ensure your satisfaction.

We are able to supply your requirements and extras in advance of your requests. Our staff will help you with your luggage. Our staff are experienced and trained; business discipline is respectful and polite. Our staff, Turkish, English and Arabic languages ​​are helping our valued guests. Our well-known staff in Istanbul, the most convenient route, quickly reach the location you want to reach. For the transfers to be made at Istanbul Airport Transfers, our staff is at the airport 15 minutes before your flight arrives. Our staff is welcoming you to the car. Once you've got the car, there's no one or anything you can expect, or your staff will start your journey quickly. Your accompanying staff will help you throughout your entire journey.

Transfer also Luxury, comfortable, reliable and reasonable price!

Cizgi transfer company policy is focused on customer satisfaction. In this sense, we are committed to providing a luxurious, comfortable and reliable service to our guests. With our experienced professional staff; We provide a luxurious and comfortable travel service to our guests in response to their needs. To enjoy a luxurious, comfortable, reliable and economical journey, your address is Cizgi

Please contact us with our communication channels in order to assist our dear guests in the operations such as flight delay or cancellation about Istanbul Airport transfer service. Apart from this, you can talk to Cizgi Transfer customer representatives about the problems 24/7.

Airport Transfer

Our company, located in 3 different locations in Istanbul, our valuable guests from the desired location by leaving the desired location. Our guests who benefit from our transfer service; appropriate for the vehicle class they want; We provide service with our 3000 personnel fleet and experienced staff. With our advanced system, your address is Cizgi Transfer for fast, reliable and economical transportation to your desired route from Istanbul Airport.

Car Rental Service

Car rental service; Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Gokcen We provide you with a comfortable and effortless journey in your transfers from the airport or from one point to another. When you make your transfers to and from the airport, we have a staff that will welcome you whenever your plane arrives. Transfer service; We are enjoying our journey with a polite and helpful driver who takes the shortest and fastest route to your destination (hotel, meeting, airport, etc.) which does not fool you by extending the road like some taxi drivers. Our staff can help you carry your baggage. As we have a personalized transfer service, you can travel without waiting times as our guests have landed. If you want to get car rental service instead of car transfer; Please visit our website at for support.

Airport Transfer Services

Our airport transfer service, serving the many airports in Turkey. In detail, you can see which airports we serve in our branches.

Istanbul Airport Transfer Prices

We offer transfer from location to location with a reasonable price guarantee to our valued guests. In our transfer services, our vehicle which is located in the nearest location to you is delivered to you where you want to get by. In our vehicle transfer service in Mega City Istanbul; As soon as you arrive for your business meeting, conference, exhibition, hotel, sightseeing areas or the location you set, it works to deliver you to your destination in a fast, reliable and economical way. The following list lists the place of purchase, destination, km, duration and pricing. You can search from the search panel on the side for different locations.

Istanbul Airport Transfer Prices are shown as below average. The time shown varies according to the traffic density in Istanbul.

Exit point

End Point

Time (min)



Istanbul Airport




36 €

Istanbul Airport




36 €

Istanbul Airport




33 €

Istanbul Airport




32 €

Istanbul Airport




31 €

Istanbul Airport




35 €

Istanbul Airport




42 €

Istanbul Airport




38 €

Istanbul Airport




44 €

Istanbul Airport




51 €

Istanbul Airport




55 €

Istanbul Airport




40 €


Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer and Prices

As Cizgi Transfer, we have Sabiha Gökçe Airport transfers other than Istanbul Airport Tranferi. For more information about this subject, please visit our article about Sabiha Gökçe Airport transfer.


1. By filling out the pre-reservation form on the system, you can make your reservation request as a result of verification by entering your purchase and destination coordinates, date / time and personal data.

2. A reservation will be sent to our esteemed guests by confirming the reservation you made on the system by pre-booking. Please pay for your transfer via payment link.

Please contact our customer service for any changes about the system transfer after the payment is completed.

Differences Between Shuttle Transfer and Transfer

Transfer services within itself; It is divided into 2 different categories.

Shuttle Transfer; the other name is shared transfer. Taking the people who are on their way to the same route, they leave the route they want to go. When transferring, people are expected to arrive. Guests may not know each other.

Private Transfer; our guests in the desired location and where they want to leave the date and time. There is no waiting period for this transfer type.

What is the transfer type we use as Cizgi Transfer?

As Cizgi Transfer, we offer private transfer services to our guests. We carry our guests from location to location.

Advantages of Private Transfer with Cizgi Transfer

Istanbul Airport transfer service to the point you want to our esteemed guests are as follows;

  • The point you want from the point you want to transfer at the desired date and time
  • Uninhibited (No waiting) journey
  • Reasonable price
  • Professional and experienced staff


Who is Cizgi Transfer?

In our vehicle transfer service in Mega City Istanbul; business meeting, conference, exhibition, hotel, travel areas or as soon as you arrive for your location in a fast, reliable and economical way to reach your destination is a transfer company.

How can I get service?

In this sense, guests who want to receive services from Cizgi Transfer, our website or our mobile application with Istanbul Airport transfer to Istanbul region, the airport point, day, time and the most appropriate type of vehicle you can make your reservation by pre-booking.

What should you pay attention to Istanbul airport transfer service?

If you have any problems or problems, we are assisting you with your transfer order to Istanbul Airport, where you book and pay. For example; In case of cancellation of airplane delays, flights or cancellation of your program in Istanbul, you can call your transfer customer representative and forward your reservation time and date and request cancellation. Your reservation is canceled if your conditions are met.

Which vehicles do you transfer?

We leave you to the desired position by picking you up with the vehicle you choose from our nearest branch to the point of purchase. 3000 vehicle fleet of the appropriate and then the appropriate vehicle class of your choice is allocated to our vehicle.

Are you discounting fees?

We have price discounts in some periods. But as we said at the beginning,

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