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Antalya Airport Alanya Transfer Service

As Cizgi transfer, we solve the transportation problem between these two important points during your travels through Antalya Airport . Antalya has a very long distance from Alanya to Alanya, and it will be a bad start in the first place. This long distance, while Italy Alanya by completing our airport transfer service so you can spend otherwise the situation. Moreover, this service is much more economical than other transportation options, especially the commercial taxi option.

Alanya is one of the most important holiday resorts of Antalya and has a great distance from the center of Antalya. The distance between the two points is 140 kilometers. In addition to the beauty of the region and its activities as a holiday destination, this long distance is actually bearable. By purchasing the right means of transportation and the right service. Traveling a distance of 140 km with a commercial taxi would not make sense in terms of both comfort and cost . Instead of offering cheap transfer service to the airport , you can choose to transfer us Cizgi . We provide you with fast and safe transportation to luxurious and comfortable hotels in Alanya or whatever your choice for accommodation. You do not have to wait or search for a taxi or other means of transportation at the airport. Likewise, when your holiday is over, we pick you up from the point you want and transport you to Antalya airport.

Difference of Airport Transfer Service from Other Transportation Options

There are other options that can be preferred to reach the point you want from the airport or to reach the airport from the point you want. Commercial taxis or municipal transport can be preferred. However, it is important that you can reach the address you want comfortably and quickly with the preferred means of transportation. As a result, it is not a short distance between Antalya airport and Alanya. For an average journey of 2 hours, comfort is very important. As Cizgi transfer, we promise comfort in the first place with airport transfer services . So even though the distance between the two points is at a distance of 2 hours, not 20 hours, we guarantee comfort. Of course, it is not only comfort that sets us apart from other transportation options. Also suitable plug tl airport transfer service is among our most important feature.

Private Transfer Service

The most important concern of our guests who contact us to benefit from airport transfer services is generally whether the service offered is private and the cost is too high. For this reason, there are even guests who prefer to use shuttle transfer service. Our customer consultants who are very pleased to assist our guests in this matter are generally informing about this issue and eliminate the reservations of our guests. The fact that the service is special and provides features and advantages in many respects is normally thought in people's mind as if this service is offered with very high fees. As Cizgi transfer, we offer private transfer service, which means only private airport transfer service to our esteemed guests. Shuttle transfers at the same time as it is known in many vehicles are provided by a single person transfer service. Since this does not comply with our service policy , we prefer a private transfer service that is offered exclusively to one person. You can call our customer advisors at any time to get information about airport transfer service and airport transfer prices .

Privileges of Service from Cizgi Transfer Company

As Cizgi transfer, our priority has always been to serve you better since the first day we started to serve you. For this reason, we constantly revise ourselves. We can already say that we offer excellent vehicle transfer services . However, this is not enough for us and every day to be better with ourselves or rather with the service we are in the race. The privileges that our guests who prefer us now and the processes they will spend in the scope of service can be described as follows.

  • We put an end to the hassle of waiting at the airport because about 15 minutes before your flight's landing time, our staff is waiting for you with a dedicated vehicle.
  • He welcomes you in a very polite and respectful way and assists in the transport of your belongings.
  • It has everything you require in order to travel comfortably in the car. In the meantime, we take great care to ensure that the vehicle you will be traveling with is clean and regularly clean and maintain.
  • While providing all of these from you, affordable Antalya Alanya airport transfer charge.

Transfer Services from Antalya Airport to Alanya

It is very easy to take advantage of Anta lya Alanya airport transfer services that you can prefer to reach Alanya from Antalya airport . For this, just give us a minute or two. This is what you need to do in a minute or two;

  • Please fill in the form required for pre-booking and submit for confirmation.
  • With the approval of the application, it is time to make the payment. You can do this again online in a few seconds.

Extremely comfortable and also convenient airport transfer fees from Antalya to Alanya Airport traffic is so easy to manage. Just visit our web addresses or contact us and take advantage of all these privileges.

Transfer Service from Antalya Airport to Alanya

One of the most important features of Antalya Alanya transfer service you will buy from Cizgi transfer is that it is extremely economical. We give you a guarantee on this subject and can say that you will not have any grievances. Already the payment process is made at the stage of booking and there is no charge for any reason other than you. In short , there is no surprise for the airport transfer prices to Antalya Alanyas .

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